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There are many ways to describe Sarana VerLin...energetic, captivating, and multi-talented just scratch the surface.  However there is one word that ties them all together and is true to their character: Sarana VerLin is Real.  She sings honestly from her heart and soul combining art, story, and song in perfect unison.  With seven studio albums to date, her solo album “Bats & Butterflies” received a Detroit Music Award for acoustic/folk recording.  Combining intimate smoky vocals, hard driving rhythms and energetic performances, Sarana VerLin has developed a truly unique sound that leaves her audiences wanting more. With classical training and rock roots, her current style explores the boundaries of Folk, Rock, Celtic and Americana…and where these lines blur is where she thrives! 

Detroit native Sarana VerLin started writing & playing multiple instruments at age 10 and was performing internationally at the age of 12 on classical violin. In her teens she was performing folk music in coffee houses. In her twenties she fronted the rock group Natasha which won a Detroit Metro X Music Award for Best New Talent. She's worked with Grammy award winners Don Was (everyone from Elton John to Rolling Stones) & Steve King (Romantics, Eminem), and producer Ben Grosse (Debbie Harry). She's in the Detroit Metro X Music Hall of Fame alongside artists such as Aretha Franklin and Iggy Pop. 

In 2011, VerLin embarked on an ambitious new journey and moved to England where she performs solo or with the group Iron & Oak, and tours with her Detroit music partner Billy Brandt in the US and UK.

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